Welcome to the Toilet Tech Talk Wiki!

Today, teachers are so busy with the demands of their job and with home obligations, it can be difficult to find time to come up with innovative ways to use technology with your classes. Who has the time to go to time consuming trainings after school? Toilet Tech Talk is here to help fill in the gap so to speak. The one place that most people have a few seconds of spare time is while sitting atop the porcelain throne: the potty. Toilet Tech Talk (or T3 for short) are short tech tips that can be read in the few seconds that you are... ahem... "takin' care of business." Each T3 will give you a tip to use with tools that you are currently using or introduce you to some new tools that you might find useful for yourself or for your class. After a brief explanation, T3 will challenge you to think about something related to that tech tool; it might even challenge you to respond via e-mail or some other method. Finally, T3 will challenge you to go further with the tool. If you find the tool useful then you might find a few more minutes in front of your computer to continue the learning! The choice is up to you!

The idea for Toilet Tech Talk was first seen by the authors of this site during a an #edchat discussion by @eolsonteacher and further discussed by MDS on the blog A Flipped Approach. Your T3 hosts loved the idea so much that they started a Toilet Tech Talk in their own buildings: Truman Elementary School and Col. John B. Wyman Elementary School. They started this wiki to be a supplement for the teachers in their building who wanted to go further.

We hope you enjoy the Toilet Tech Talk and find it useful!

--CR and CW

METC Conference 02/15/12