Dive In
Welcome to the current issue of the Toilet Tech Talk! We hope that you have enjoyed learning about some new technology that you can use. Every other week, you will be able to learn a new techie tip during your time here in the toilet!

Take the Plunge
Have you ever wondered do hummingbirds really hum or if Easter eggs can be art? Wonderopolis is a website that takes the wonder out of every day questions that
you can use with your students daily. Every day a new wonder is posted on the Wonderopolis website (http://wonderopolis.org/). The website provides the answer through a short video and is followed by a more detailed article with more information and even links to other websites for further study. Each wonder also provides a list of vocabulary words that relate to the ideas taught in the lesson. The website also has an extensive archive of past questions (or wonders). This website can be used with all grade levels.

Spare a Square
This week, try using this wonderful resource with your students. It would be a great way to start or finish the day. Your class could even submit their own “wonder” that may be chosen as a future topic for the website.

Cleaning Up
Think about it...how could you use Wonderopolis with students in your classroom? Feel free to share your ideas with your tech contact and your idea may show up in the next Toilet Tech Talk!

The Final Flush
***The authors of the Toilet Tech Talk hope that you will be able to use this information in a way that will help enrich your life and/or the lives of your students.

Don’t forget to wash your hands and try out your new tech skill!