Dive In

Welcome back to school! We hope that you had a relaxing summer. Remember that at the end of last year, we were learning about QR Codes. They are codes that can be scanned by a QR Reader and can contain many different kinds of data from text, webpage addresses, or e-mail addresses. You can find a free QR Code Reader for most smartphones. You can also install a QR Reader app on a desktop or laptop computer as long as it has a webcam.

Take the Plunge

At the end of last year, we sent you on a scavenger hunt with QR Codes. This time, we would like you to create a QR Code. Using any of the QR Codes creation sites, create a QR code to your classroom webpage. Save that image of the QR Code and put it in your next newsletter and explain to parents how they can use a QR Reader on their smartphone to quickly access your classroom webpage. Send a copy of the newsletter to your Building Tech Coordinator for a small prize!

Here are a few website suggestions for creating a QR Code (take a picture this list of websites with your phone’s camera to help remind you of these links back in your room):

Visit the Toilet Tech Talk website for app suggestions! (http://toilettechtalk.wikispaces.com/03-QR+Codes)

Spare a Square

Here are some other resources on the web for QR Codes:

Air Freshener

In two weeks, we will talk about QR Codes one more time and then on to bigger and better things!

The Final Flush

The authors of T3 hope that you will be able to use this information in a way that will help enrich your life and/or the lives of your students. If you have questions or topic suggestions for future issues of T3, please e-mail your building tech contact.

Don’t forget to wash your hands and try out your new tech skill!