Dive In

Welcome back to the fourth issue of the Toilet Tech Talk (T3 for short). In the last issue we learned about QR Codes. Have you seen any QR Codes since last week? A recent Lowe’s commercial featured a QR code and these codes have been seen in business windows allowing customers to easily “Like” the business on Facebook. One thing to remember, you can install a QR Reader app on a desktop or laptop computer as long as it has a webcam.

Take the Plunge

You can use QR codes in conjunction with other tools like http://www.polleverywhere.com/ Polling students with QR Codes can quickly get students’ opinions. Let’s try one. The question is: “Have you found the info in T3 interesting or useful?” To vote, scan the correct code below with your cell phone. When you scan your choice, it will prompt you to send a text message. Go ahead and send that text message to vote:
I find it interesting!
I find it useful!
I find it both interesting and useful!
I find it neither interesting nor useful.
You can also use codes as an answer key and have students scan a code to see if they were correct. You might even consider recording students doing a book talk of their favorite book in the library, putting that audio file on your webpage and then creating a code to that audio file and putting the code in the book so students can hear what other students think about the book they have checked out.

Spare a Square

Here is this issue’s challenge: Since it is the last week of school, let’s have some fun. The QR Code below will give you a clue to the location of another QR Code in the building. Go to that location and scan that code. Lather, rinse, repeat. It’s our very own QR Code scavenger hunt! Follow the directions in the last QR Code win a prize!


Cleaning Up

So you want to create your own QR Code? You can do it at one of many sites. Here are a few suggestions:

Air Freshener

Here are some other resources on the web for QR Codes:

The Final Flush

The authors of T3 hope that you will be able to use this information in a way that will help enrich your life and/or the lives of your students. If you have questions or topic suggestions for future issues of T3, please e-mail your building tech contact.

Don’t forget to wash your hands and try out your new tech skill!

Shout out to Tina M. for the idea of having Tissues rather than Issues!

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