Dive In

Welcome to the third issue of the Toilet Tech Talk! We hope that you have enjoyed learning about some new technology that you can use. Every other week, you will be able to learn a new techie tip during your time here in the toilet!

Take the Plunge

Look at this picture...

Scan this QR Code with a QR App on your smartphone

What is it? Is it a maze? Is it a diagram for tiling your bathroom? No, to both. It is actually called a Quick Response or QR Code. QR Codes are very big in Europe and Japan where you will find them on billboards and outside of stores or restaurants. These codes are like fancy barcodes that can be scanned to easily share text, SMS, a phone number,
or take you to a website for more information. If you have a Smartphone, you can download a QR Code reader that will scan this code and then take you directly to the info that is hidden in the code. QR Codes are starting to pop up everywhere. Have you seen any of these recently?

Spare a Square

If you have a Smartphone, try downloading a QR Code Reader app (they are free!) to scan the QR codes on this page and see what you find.

Scan this QR Code with a QR App on your smartphone

Cleaning Up

Think about it...how could you use QR Codes with students in your classroom? Feel free to share your ideas with your tech
contact and your idea may show up in the next Toilet Tech Talk!

Air Freshener

Here are some articles that suggest some QR Code Apps:

The Final Flush

***The authors of the Toilet Tech Talk hope that you will be able to use this information in a way that will help enrich your life and/or the lives of your students.

Don’t forget to wash your hands and try out your new tech skill!